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- Complete site sponsorhip. (This means you have the main banner top spot on EVERY page on the site. (POA). Other ads remain however yours would be present on all site pages.
- Disclaimer / index page, large picture advert or banner. (POA).
- Front page (Entrance) Recommended Mistress. (POA)
- London or USA Entrance pages. (150 / Year)
- Featured Mistress (Own page advert). ( 10 / Month or 50 / year)
- Mistress of the Month. ( 25 / month)
- Geographical Location top banner placement. ( 50 / year)
- Geographical Location Recommended Mistress (Top page listing) ( 40 / year)
- Specialty Page Banner placement. ( 50 / year)
- Specialty Page Recommended mistress. ( 40 / year)
- Get re-listed on the Front page (main) for a one off fee of 20.

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Yes!.. not only do you get prominent listing with the right traffic, but we also promote you through social media, this works.....
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