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My reputation is as true as My ideals: Dominant, Disciplinarian and slave conditioner. I delight in exploring and orchestrating male behaviour, instilling respect and influencing attitude adjustment. I consider Myself a traditional Dominatrix, having many visit Me without checklists or menus. I operate with no safe words, no comfort blanket for those that find total power exchange rewarding, exciting and also the emotional trepidation My sessions create.
Mistress Rouge
Experienced, Birmingham centre based Mistress.  My chambers are very well equipped one of the best in the country.  My skills are vast, and I take great enjoyment from the sessions I carry out.  If you are a novice, I will lead you on the road to discovering your inner self.  If you are experienced, we will explore your limits and expand your mind. Call me on 07531 536325 to discuss your session and to make an appointment, or see my web site www.sensualcontrol.co.uk for e-mail details and more information.
Lady Ileash
A Firm and often playful alpha female with curves you DREAM of worshipping. I am sweet at the start but then... well… I use you for my entertainment, pleasure and just for the hell of it. You will be my play thing and what I say goes.  You serve and work for me because lets face it you couldn’t get my attention any other way. I extract your deepest desires and then have fun exploiting them. I smirk while I play with your mind and body a nd that’s just the way you like it.
Mistress Elise
Mistress Absolute
Internationally renowned lifestyle and Professional Domina. Huge range of fetish play catered for and happy to play with novices or seasoned players alike. NO sexual services
Your Dominatrix - Birmingham
Recommended Dominatrix for Birmingham
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Perhaps you have played for years and know your preferences well. Perhaps you have never played before. It is my preference to build you up rather than tar you down. Think of yourself as my possession: I would not want to keep a useless toy now would I? .I want to help you grow in your service to me , this way you will be much more prized.
Mistress Brown
Regular Birmingham Visits
My name is Miss Brook , I am a full time Dominatrix. I class my self as a natural dominatrix with my own unique style. I have long brown thick hair and a curvy figure which I know just how to use to demand the power I deserve. I love being worshiped but I also love bringing grown men to there knees begging for mercy. Once you step foot into my dungeon I will be your addictive pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange your first session of many.
Miss Brook
Regular Birmingham Visits
An attractive and sophisticated Mistress with a firm  slim body. I enjoy seeing my gentlemen beg for mercy as he succumbs to my pleasure. My role of a Mistress explores all sides of my dominance. And I am always open for experiments. I enjoy dressing up in sexy, feminine, but strict outfits and of course role playing. I work from  fully equipped West Midlands chambers, which are close to motorway links. I can also offer Double-Domme sessions with an equally stunning Mistress at excellent rates.
Lady Lucea
A young, tall  Dominatrix with a porcelain skin and gorgeous auburn hair. Greatly enjoy dominating men through various ways until they reach a stage of full submission. Humiliation, Power Play, Bondage, Strap-on Play, CBT, CP, Feminisation and many more... Just dare to ask!
Mistress Katerina
I am a Professional Dominatrix who will have you whimpering on the floor, but at the same time you will be thanking Me for your service. I will use My intellect to get inside your head and gain complete control. Be warned, though I may look sweet and innocent, I am vicious. I will push you, I will make you learn your body’s limits and I will leave you thoroughly satisfied with the services and time that I have granted upon you.
Mistress Rousson
Leeds, Yorkshire
I am inescapably intuitive, I will uncover your hidden weakness, whether it be for a firm and gentle hand, or My most wicked device. Like a diamond, I am sharp and multifaceted: look into My eyes and see the fragments of your desire.
Lady Sara Borgia
London and Birmingham
Free Listing
I'm Miss- Erika, based in the Wolverhampton area of the Midlands. I'm a strict dominant, classy women in seamed stockings and high heels who loves her job very much and is very good at what I do.........
Miss Erika
Lady Sara Borgia
London and Birmingham
I offer professional sessions to submissive's be they male or female whom desire to push their limits and test their boundaries. If you beg for soft then soft is what you will enjoy if you desire harsh then trust Me I will bring you quivering to your knees. Have you the strength to go that one step further do you breath only in the hope of pleasing this GODDESS with your resolve. Come on lets turn up the heat just enough to bring you to over load. All sessions to be conducted within My private residence, West Midlands area.
Goddess Tease
I'll be your beginning to which there is no end. Young, beautiful, very intelligent, playful, Mistress with ability to control and dominate with a simple look and stare. Sweet but sadistic with a firm and cruel hand when required. I will mentally dominant you with ease. Weak, helpless and submitting to my every desire. Pushing you into deep subspace, never underestimate my ability to punish, once I have destroyed you mentally, I will start on you physically with a particular enjoyment of whipping, ballbusting, CBT and bondage to name but a few but you will submit, you will feel my dominance. Be reassured your limits will be respected by a safe and understanding Mistress. Read all of my website before applying to serve me and be respectful at all times.
Mistress Tess
I am a professional mistress based in the West Midlands offering real time sessions. I am a sensual but strict Mistress with a look that will bring a sub to his knees. I enjoy and offer most areas of BDSM and fetishes. 
Mistress Alexa
Do not call me "Mistress" "Madam" or "Miss". I will respond to "Queen Gia" "Your Highness" or "Your Grace". Know your place subjects! Experienced professional dominatrix. Female supremacist. Specialising in double domme sessions with my lesbian lover, pony-boys, forced feminization, public humiliation and paddling. Available in your home/hotel or in various dungeons.
Queen Gia
Miss Jessica Wood
Birmingham and Watford
My name is Miss Jessica and I would like to invite you into my world.  I am a very strict and sometimes cruel woman who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment, facesitting, ballbusting, faceslapping, CBT, trampling, fantasy wrestling, foot worship, boot worship, shoe worship, bottom worship, nipple torture, tickle torture & strap-on worship. I enjoy humiliating subs and maid training too. To torment and inflict pain on my subs more efficiently I have an extensive wardrobe and I always dress in the appropriate attire, depending on the punishments. I am also renowned for my roleplay abilities. My sessions are held in a domestic location and I do sessions for men or women.
Mistress Elixia
I am beautiful, petite, blond Mistress with a fierce, strict, disposition. A passion for causing pain and humiliation. With many years’ experience I can perform a large variety of activities, which will ensure you will be left begging for more. I can cater for both the inexperienced and the experienced. In my unique venue i have an authentic medical ward, exquisite dungeons with the best equipment to strap you to and an authentic vintage school room. imprisonment in my cold dark cellar is sure to leave you with nightmares. I demand obedience and respect at all times. I am here to be worshiped like the goddess I am. only this will be rewarded with pain.
I am a high-class, well educated Black Dominatrix who occasionally works alongside another Black Domme. I am always looking for slaves to SERVE, WORSHIP & OBEY my every demand!!!! ... So get on your knees!!!!!! BDSM is something I fell into, however, I enjoy humiliating Men who indulge in fantasising and having sexual urges about me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
Black Goddess S
A truly beautiful and sensual Pro Domme and in every sense of the word, sensually energetic & divinely deviant.  Miss Julia Taylor enjoys nothing more than discovering your deepest, innermost hidden fetishes & fantasies, bring them out to be explored in full glory. Never be fooled by Miss Julia's sweet smile and twinkle in her eye, as her sensual aggression is never to far away and can be exceptional sadistic once aroused.
Miss Julia Taylor
Dudley, West midlands
Miss Julia Taylor
Dudley, West midlands
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