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Mistress Margaron
Mistress Margaron is a mature, elegant and seriously strict English Mistress. From a private secluded basement in the centre of Edinburgh, English Mistress Margaron provides personal one to one sessions in domination within a relaxed domestic setting. Mistress is highly proficient when using her cane, tawse and whip for controlling unruly submissives. Standing at over 6ft tall in her highest stiletto heeled shoes and boots Mistress Margaron is a very powerful sadistic and perceptive dominatrix.
Your Dominatrix - Edinburgh
I am equally sensual and sadidstic. I appreciate the gift of submission and I operate within the safe, sane and consensual realm. I offer sessions with or without a safe word as I am excellent at reading the reactions of a sub/bottom. I have been described as warm, charming and beautiful. I will let you the submissive decide these things for yourself. I am a  Mistress who receives repeat visits from the majority of subs that I see. I am totally immersed in the lifestyle and regularly visit clubs and munches here and further afield. I cater to  first timers and also to more seasoned players. I operate from my own private discreet premises in Glasgow city centre. There is plenty of free parking.
Mistress Sultry Belle
A complex creature with a monstrous appetite for extremes, she devours souls like a child does candy, and does so at a whim whilst enduring the worship lesser beasts so willingly bestow upon her. Fact and fiction melt, intertwine as all your was and will be's become the moment. With razor-sharp beauty she will cut the bloated, calloused skin, swollen with desire and the crushing morals of a puckered society, setting you free. Experience a sensation akin to that of a would-be priest hearing his calling, be born anew, delivered by Mistress Inka.
Mistress Inka
Mistress Sixx
Edinburgh and Glasgow
Mistress Sixx is a discreet, attractive and creative professional Dominatrix. She is an empathic and governing Domme who is passionate about her D/s lifestyle and the development of her chosen submissives. With a dark sense of humour and a penchant for mischief, she is a supportive and committed Domme to those in her service.
Mistress Sophie is well educated in the discipline of traditional punishment. Taking on many personas for her roles. School Ma'am, strict Mistress, stern Auntie. Many whips, crops, paddles, tawse for to use on you. Mistress Sophie does not work in a dungeon to do traditional discipline.
Mistress Sophie
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I am a professional dominatrix based in the north east and also in Yorkshire and Scotland. I am a dominant female superior, confident and very strong willed, I will control you I will make you submit you are mine! I also feature on live webcam and adult chat. I am your ultimate dominatrix you can tell me your desires and fantasy I expect total control.
Mistress Bael