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Mistress Katinka - Glasgow
I am a well educated professional domme catering to a vast array of fetishes. With many years experience I am an expert in role play. I believe that the era of fire and brimstone alternative dommes is over . It's time to be dominated by beautiful women, glamazons who bring your fetish fantasy to life. I operate from a discreet premises in Renfrewshire with dungeon, domestic and school rooms available. Sessions can be performed in multiple rooms depending on scenario - Double Domination Available.
Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix, based in brand new and extremely well-equipped Chambers in Glasgow City Centre. These discreet Chambers are situated extremely close to main Rail and Bus Routes, parking is also available nearby. Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix with many years experience in the BDSM field, she also plays a significant and active role in the local BDSM/Fetish scene
Miss Kitty DeVil
Mistress Argenta
Mistress Argenta Van Horne, Glasgows Elite Professional Dominatrix. Exceptionally experienced with over 10 years in Professional Domination. Submit to me and discover a delightful menage-a trois of erotica, perversion and domination.  Whether you are new to BDSM, or an experienced submissive, I will take you safely into my realm of domination where I can be seductive, passionate or devastatingly cruel and sadistic all to make your fantasies become reality. My chambers are in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Safe, discreet and fully equipped Professional Chambers. I am also Dungeon Mistress at Violate, Scotland's longest running fetish club...will I see you there?
Mistress Sultry Belle
I am equally sensual and sadidstic. I appreciate the gift of submission and I operate within the safe, sane and consensual realm. I offer sessions with or without a safe word as I am excellent at reading the reactions of a sub/bottom. I have been described as warm, charming and beautiful. I will let you the submissive decide these things for yourself. I am a  Mistress who receives repeat visits from the majority of subs that I see. I am totally immersed in the lifestyle and regularly visit clubs and munches here and further afield. I cater to  first timers and also to more seasoned players. I operate from my own private discreet premises in Glasgow city centre. There is plenty of free parking.
I have not only trained many a Domina, but I have excelled in the art of BDSM.  I am an entrepreneur in balancing perversion and domination, and a true Mistress that does it for the love and respect of the craft itself.  I offer private sessions in a secure, clean dungeon chamber in the city centre of Glasgow.  Beautiful, sensual and with over a decade of experience, an Elite in Pro domination in Scotland. My sessions can be quite personal for me as I am a sensual person, never feeling the need to shout or scream. I can get my point across with no words spoken, but with closeness, eye contact and slight gestures, I can manipulate you by any means necessary.
Miss Lilith
Your Dominatrix - Glasgow
Sophisticated Domination from fully equipped chambers. I have the most extensive range of Fetters equipment and implements. My chambers consist of a Bondage Chamber, Suspension Room, Prison Cell and Adult School Room. Specialises in Adult Correction and Role-play.
Mistress Savannah
My name is Miss Jessica and I would like to invite you into my world.  I am a very strict and sometimes cruel woman who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment, facesitting, ballbusting, faceslapping, CBT, trampling, fantasy wrestling, foot worship, boot worship, shoe worship, bottom worship, nipple torture, tickle torture & strap-on worship. I enjoy humiliating subs and maid training too. To torment and inflict pain on my subs more efficiently I have an extensive wardrobe and I always dress in the appropriate attire, depending on the punishments. I am also renowned for my roleplay abilities. My sessions are held in a domestic location and I do sessions for men or women.
Miss Jessica Wood
Mistress Sixx is a discreet, attractive and creative professional Dominatrix. She is an empathic and governing Domme who is passionate about her D/s lifestyle and the development of her chosen submissives. With a dark sense of humour and a penchant for mischief, she is a supportive and committed Domme to those in her service. An ardent fetishist who is skilled in many aspects of BDSM play, Mistress Sixx offers guidance in the fulfilment of desire and the attainment of physical and emotional escapism through informed, safe and consensual play.
Mistress Sixx
Recommended Dominatrix for Glasgow
I am an experienced lifestyle/pro dominant. I have my own fully equipped, completely private chambers with showers and private parking. I enjoy a schoolroom, dungeon and domestic setting and have a full range of implements.
Megara Furie
Mistress Sultry Belle has a new trainee working from her premises in Glasgow. She is a 23 Year Old, well educated and articulate individual learning her trade fast.
Mistress Taylor
Scotland's leading Professional Dominatrix, based in a discreet dungeon in the City Centre of Glasgow.  With over a decades experience of being a Dominatrix, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of the Elite in fetish perversion.
Mistress Lilith - Glasgow
Miss Sarah Jessica
Manchester and Scotland
Abstrakt.me studios is a City Centre Fetish Studio for hire based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.  We are a small friendly studio for people that wish to indulge in kink in a safe, non-revolving door environment.
Abstrakt Me Studio's
I am one of the UK's premier Dominatrixes. I put alot of effort and preperation into My sessions which makes them a renowned, unique experience. I am known across the UK and internationally for My style, personality and My approach to BDSM. Here you will find a Mistress who understands what you deeply crave, and that is complete Domination and power exchange. you haven't entered My domain for any other reason but to submit yourself for Me to take complete control and torment you in ways you have only ever imagined. It's time to make your fantasies become a reality with someone experienced who truly gets the mindset of a submissive...
Hello my name is Mistress Annabella I am an exquisite, powerful Dominatrix from Glasgow Scotland. I am a real dominatrix driven by my boundless imagination and sadistic instincts. I will take you out of your worldly reality with my prevailing presence and entrance you into complete obedience with My feminine cruelty.
Mistress Annabella
If you wish to seek my services which comprise of a subtle note of tied and teased, combined with all manner of bondage and sensory deprivation, then you  have came to the right Mistress. I am a strong, fiery, sexy Female who truly understands how to entangle herself in the depths of the perversion that you seek.
Mistress Pandora
My passion for BDSM has lead me to indulge and create many websites for my interest in the subject. For more information, why not look at my portfolio, and browse through my world. Beautiful and sensual with over a decade of experience, an Elite in Pro Domination, Scotland.
Elite Queen Bee
Dominatrix - Humiliatrix - Sadist - Masochist. Owner Of A Corrupted, Perverted & Twisted Mind. Young & Cruel Lover Of All Things Fetish. Based 5 Minutes From Glasgow International Airport.
Goddess Bellaa Rosso
Mistress Sixx
Edinburgh and Glasgow
Mistress Sixx is a discreet, attractive and creative professional Dominatrix. She is an empathic and governing Domme who is passionate about her D/s lifestyle and the development of her chosen submissives. With a dark sense of humour and a penchant for mischief, she is a supportive and committed Domme to those in her service.
You can visit me in my private studio, where you can relax, massage my feet, worship them and be comfortable with your fetish.  You do not need to be naked at all, I have many foot fetish clients that prefer to remain clothed and worship my tootsies!  As long as you are comfortable, thats all that matters.
Miss L - Foot fetish
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Free Listing
Amazon Mistress. Standing 5ft 11" I am mentally and physically strong. I hold real time sessions, cam parties, Humiliation, Sissy, butler bitch Parties with my GENUINE twin sister Lady Heather Rose & my friends and Aunty.
Goddess Zeena
London and Glasgow
Paige Delight Dominatrix, ex porn star turned Pro Domme in Glasgow Scotland. Based in the city centre, providing TV makeovers, feminisation and all forms of BDSM. I work from the city centre of Glasgow in an exclusive, private premises named Abstrakt.Me.Studios. This allows me to work closely with clients, developing their look through make up, wigs and clothing to transform them into a feminine beauty.
Paige Delight
Megara Furie
I am Mistress Chamoix, a firm, sensual, professional Glasgow dominatrix. I will provide you with a divine experience in our time together. I am established in Glasgow but travel to various places in Scotland and England, so don’t let distance deter you from contacting this Glasgow Mistress.
Mistress Chamoix
Centrally located within My own private, personal playspace I conduct sessions with newcomers and seasoned perverts alike. Take the guiding hand of this established professional and indulge your other worldly tastes with someone who has an intense interest in the head-space your kinks lurk within. I have a non exhaustive range of BDSM and fetishistic interests but most recently have been looking to pursue My interests in body modifications such as piercings, brandings and scarification, hardsports sessions for both consumers and spreaders and also extended bondage/hostage sessions from 4 to 24hrs in captivity
Mistress Ana
I am a sadistic bitch who loves having fun in sessions, I specialise in the more extreme end of BDSM so if you would like to find out more check out my website.
Angelica Andrews
Visiting Dec 2016
World class Dominatrix with own very well equipped Fetters dungeon in centre of Glasgow. Equipment includes suspension, ultimate stretching rack and cage, whipping bench, deprivation cell, school room, wet room. With a genuine love of domination, CP, bondage, role play, fetishes and stretching limits Mistress Scarlet is highly experienced, intelligent, discreet, safe, sane, sensual and sadistic!
Mistress Scarlet
Glasgow, Scotland
An English Rose public schoolgirl with a taste for the complete humiliation of submissive men. Mistress Nina adores tie & tease, strap on, CP, CBT, ball busting, fantasy roleplay, electrics and making your darkest submissive fantasies real. A versatile young dominatrix who adores playing with sissy sluts and naughty boys in her 5 chambered fully equipped city centre dungeon.
School Girl Mistress
Young slim and seductive Mistress working in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. I am a versatile Mistress who enjoys a wide range of activities including but not limited to spanking, CP, CBT, humiliation, role play, anal play, sissification, foot and leg fetish...the list could go on. I hope to welcome you to my world very soon. 
Miss Kitty Kane
Two of Glasgow’s premier young Mistresses have come together to create an unparalleled experience of kink, debauchery and hedonism. Perfectly complimentary, Mistress Nina is a curvaceous English rose with a façade of innocence while Mistress Kitty is a tall slender fiery red head with a wicked sense of humour. Both are in their early 20s and have already amassed several years of experience in making all your fantasies come true. A double Domme experience allows for exposure to two equally devious and creative minds as well the overwhelming physicality of having two beautiful young ladies to worship and adore. Both Mistresses are incredibly versatile and can accommodate a wide range of fetishes and scenarios for an unforgettable encounter.
Young Kinky Dommes
Mistress Chamoix
Welcome to Glasgow Dungeon, Scotland’s largest House of Domination! Where your every fetish and scenario can be fulfilled... Each of our chambers are well-equipped and all of our Glasgow Mistresses are fully experienced and can cater to everyone from the nervous novice to the cane-hardened veteran, from shoe and boot enthusiasts to those who want to indulge their more feminine side. Entrust yourself to our care and we promise you an experience that will surpass all of your expectations and leave you yearning to come and serve at the feet of our Ladies once again.
Glasgow Dungeon
Glasgow Dungeon
Mature Scottish Disciplinarian

Hello! Do you deserve a session of good old fashioned no-nonsense discipline from an Auntie/Matron/teacher figure?
For novices I offer an understanding, safe and thoughtful introduction to whatever aspect of this world that intrigues you. No pressure, no pushing.....just exploration and empathy to take you as far as you want to go ....ALL limits respected! Working from a discreet domestic setting, I am 'in my prime' and have a nice array of quality implements and a great imagination! I can help with 'dressing' if that helps in your scene/role play ask about available wigs/outfits when you call. Why not split your session into half pain half pleasure...then sensual massage to recover?
Miss Kay
Hamilton, Lanarkshire