Welcome to the Kent section of Your Dominatrix.
Welcome to my world of sensual domination, divine bondage, discipline and fetishes.  I give you the oportunity to escape your everyday life and let yourself be fascinated and revitalized by my divine dominant, sensual eroticism.
I am the kind of dominant Lady you thought only existed in your dreams: classy, sophisticated, intelligent, creative, yet powerful. My proficient skills will excite and intimidate you... but my intuitive nature will make you feel safe in your submission to me. Whether you are experienced or not, I can ensure you a fulfilling experience, I will rule in the dark shadows of your mind and your darkest fantasies.
Lady Rochester
"The look in your eyes as you fall in love with me, so tantilisingly close, to feel my breath on your cheek, the slightest graze of my skin against yours as your struggle against your bonds to touch me.  So very near yet so frustratingly far…." Mistress is  a BBW proffessional Dominatrix with over 15 years experience in all things 'kinky'. Her favourite areas of play currently include but are not limited to: ·Ball Busting ·Bastinado ·Breath Control (bagging) ·Face Slapping ·Gags ·Makeovers/Femming ·Mummification ·Needle Play ·Orgasm Denial ·PAIN ·Prostate Massage ·Ropes and Strapping ·Sadism ·Sensory Deprivation ·Spitting · Teasing.
Mistress Atrum Dea
I’m Princess Sofia. Im 19 years old and I’m 5ft 2 with size 2 feet. I am very slim with large breasts and long dark hair with big green cat eyes. I’m young, I’m beautiful and I’m smart. I am arrogant narcissistic and very aloof. I am better than you. You are nothing. Never forget that. My greatest kick is power and control. I will do whatever’s necessary to gain this power and control. You will realise in the long run it is what you truly wanted anyway, and is whats best for you. Worship me, love me, adore me…… But mostly, fear me.
Come and play… if you think you’re brave enough
Princess Sofia
Your Dominatrix - Kent
I am Mistress Carly. I specialise in Dominating pathetic male creatures who are lucky enough to be granted the honour of entering My fully-equipped mirrored fantasy chamber in Kent in all manner of ways. I particularly enjoy ‘Queening’ and body-worship although I also have an extensive and eclectic collection of equipment at My disposal including electrics, watersports devices, strap-ons and even a mains-powered fucking machine which I had especially shipped from the USA. I demand complete and total devotion & obedience at all times and will not tolerate any misdemeanours or failure to pleasure or satisfy Me.
Mistress Carly
Recomended Dominatrix for Kent
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I am your special, rare 'Chinese/Oriental' Mistress. Extremely beautiful with curves that demand worshipping. Born in the UK I speak fluent English so communication will pose no problems. To me communication is key. I spend time to find out exactly what you desire in a session. I am blessed with the Oriental trait of switching from either very good to very bad. If you want a sexual tease, you got it. If you prefer a strict dom you have it. I can therefore easily accomodate for all types of clients, complete novices to bondage professionals.
Oriental Mistress Lee
I am a professional domestic disciplinarian. A true disciplinarian. This is what I love and I enjoy doing it. I do NOT have a dungeon, whipping benches, St Andrew’s crosses, bondage equipment or other paraphernalia. I am a DISCIPLINARIAN. I do not wear rubber or leather, as I wear normal clothes that I feel comfortable in and know that will be appropriate for the session. I love this job and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. You will be warmed up for 15 minutes before a seriously deep heated spanking that will last at least 45 minutes not including a few slight pauses. If I feel that you require a more severe reminder then that is exactly what you will get.
Ophelia De Havilland
There is nothing I enjoy more than playing with my little toys. YOU are my toy. I get bored very easily and so, in order to keep myself entertained, I have a wide variety of toys. I have my sluts to fuck, my worshippers to pamper me, my
jesters to make me laugh, my pain whores for some real hands on play, my little piggy banks to rinse and many many more.
Miss Trust
Mistress Fabula
I am very well-educated, well-spoken, English with a European inclination. I am sophisticated and sensual. And I believe in in showing my wildness as well as my constrained side. I am Fabula. I love to spank and tease and torture, and I am great at medical play, needles, candles, violet wand. Seductive and charming - you'll want to invite Fabula  into your life! To give you that release from yourself; allowing you to feel other pleasures, to relinquish that control over yourself that can be also your burden. I will give you differing sensations and pleasures as I control you for that moment in time. I can be hard, or soft; sensual or brutal; but always to feel ultimately more pleasure that can be felt from experiencing the sensual side of pain, taking you to places you have only dreamt existed: hoped existed. Put yourself in my hands and we can both go there.
An English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent.  Skilled, powerful and always in control, combined with a playful nature that makes each session truly unique.  My CBT and ballbusting will bring you to your knees, while I delight in your pain. I am naturally dominant and will humiliate you with ease.  Feminisation and forced Bi are favourite pastimes of Mine and I might even let you worship My feet if you are lucky.  I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality.  Be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.
Lady Godiva
London, SE, Kent
Mistress Sadie
Mistress available for domination, foot/shoe worship, bondage, humiliation and much more.  Slave training, come and obey and worship your Mistress. We are 4 miles from Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent. We also offer our Dungeon for hire on occasions.
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Mistress Carly
Lady Penelope
SE England
Let me introduce myself, my name is Mistress Lady Penelope. I have a Head Maid, Madam FiFi and an Understudy Maid, Sissy Barbie. I conduct myself professionally and to a very high standard of etiquette. I do NOT provide any sexual services of any shape or form, the same applies to my Maids. I expect all who approach me to do so respectfully. I specialise in Domination and humiliation in my heated fully equipped underground dungeon with Fetters escape proof bondage chair, electrics and all manner of restraints,sensory deprivation hoods and masks. Corporal Punishment, French Maid and Sissy Maid Training and Prissy Sissy Doll Training.
Lady Godiva
London, SE, Kent
Dominatrix Annabelle
I am a Professional Dominatrix, and Lady of the Manor! I love delving deep into the psyche, exploring the esoteric Arts of BDSM, Equestrian, Leather and Fetish.
Mistress Maria
Kent, and South East UK
I am a Professional Dominatrix working across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, South/Central London. I offer home visits, hotel visits and have access to a private dungeon in North Kent for authentic sessions. I offer both a domination and humiliation service to experienced subs or those just starting out on their sub journey. I cater for a wide range of tastes and can tailor sessions to suit individuals. There is not much I haven't heard of so if you have something in particular in mind please feel free to contact me to discuss.