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I am a Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix in Gloucestershire, UK.
I have my own Chambers which are suitably equipped for any type of session. There are two rooms to tantalise and have you on knees for; one for all things impact and corrective, and the other for more sensual and intense forms of play including latex bondage, heavy and total restraint, electro play or breathplay and sensory deprivation. I have over 16 years experience and I use that experience and my knowledge very well to find and push your limits. I work without safewords and what I say goes. I will be your absolute fantasy, your addiction and in total control.
Mistress Tsuki
Feminine, yet strong - in body and mind - I stand over 6" tall in my 5" heels, with long, slender legs, and a full generous bust. I am confident in my role as dominatrix, with the experience to push all your buttons: subtley, delicately, deviously or brutally, as required. I am an excellent judge of character; I have a razor-sharp mind and I read a situation in an instant.
Your session experience with me is likely to be different from anything you may have encountered in the past.  Laughter will be a feature, not just from me but also from you.  We can play very seriously, your submission can be very deep but I believe that there is also a need for definite periods of lighter play.  It is important to remember the f word - fun.  You will suffer for me but you will be inspired to do your best by my encouraging smile.  Read my website and, if you feel I am the Mistress for you, give me a ring.
Mistress Anietta
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Mistress Chatterley
Mistress Mephisto is based in Oxford, and is an experienced Mistress, who's interests include in CBT, bondage and restraint, edging/teasing, sensory deprivation. Please see my website for full details.
Mistress Mephisto
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