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Porcelain Beauty - Liverpool, North West Uk.
I'm a Professional Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Sadist, Disciplinarian & Cuckoldress based in Liverpool L19 a short walk from the South Liverpool Parkway Train Station.

I play from my own private chambers boasting a two play rooms all of which are fabulous and atmospheric, very well equipped, well maintained, imaculately clean and well cared for.

My real time sessions start at 120.00 per hour and my webcam sessions from 1.69 per minute however more details can be found by clicking on the links at the bottom of my profile.

I enjoy Domination, Sensual Tease & Denial, Sadism, Orgasm Control, Cuckolding, Fetishes, Humiliation, Exhibitionism and but most importantly I Love Having Fun!

To all my little hand humpers and jerk off junkies your Assertive Alpha Female is here to lead you astray.

My sensual and commanding voice will tell you exactly how I want you to jerk yourself into obliteration.

Your sensitve cock will throb, twitch and dribble all over my tight shiny PVC thigh boots as I guide you into submission.

Easily controlled by your sexual desires you are the weaker sex and you're totally with me.

Being a an means you were born to serve and I was born to be worshipped, so get on your knees
and relinquish control to someone much more important than yourself.

You'll fall deeper into submission when you're my cock sucking sissy whore who's always locked in chastity and gets bum fucked for my amusement.

Pathetic little pindicked beta bitch boys will always be denied while I cuck you because I'll never fuck you.

Flaunting what you'll never taste while I torment you ith every detail of what its like being with a real man who knows how to sexually satisfy me. I always enjoy myself and its always at your expense. 

Blessed with the Mind Of A Manipulatrix, the Body Of A Goddess and the Soul Of A Sadist, I know how to get exactly what I want.

I absolutely love being a Dominatrix, Exhibitionist, Cuckoldress, Sadist, Queen, Humiliatrix and Mistress, and I honestly couldn't thnk of a better lifestyle than this. Being free to sexuall express myself howevre I desire is the best thing ever and I'd love to share it with you!

Now be a good boy, get on your knees and serve me as I so desire.

I know I'll see you soon!

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