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Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Watersport News Here’s the latest from my Preston Chambers. I have recently upgraded my watersports furniture and taken delivery of a Deluxe slave toilet, a beautiful thing in clear acrylic and chrome. Some extra pictures of the slave toilet are now available on my website, along with a news item that explains all its features and how I intend to use it -
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Plastic Mummy Update
I have just added another session snippet to my website. Using words and photos ‘Plastic Mummy' is an account of a session I did with one of my slaves, who amongst other things relishes the idea of having his breath controlled and being held in heavier bondage. Slave had made the mistake of dribbling on my furniture and to prevent any reoccurrences needed to be mummified in a leakproof plastic wrapping, accompanied by a couple of suitably plasticky breathplay moments. A lot of plastic was involved. My session snippets are designed to give you a flavour of how I engage with my slaves and play out your personal fantasies in my Preston playrooms. Here’s the link -
Porcelain Beauty Liverpool New Website Your very own Porcelain Beauty has a shiny new website. Please feel free to pop on over and take a look here.
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Strap-On
Photo Set
I have just added a new photo set to my website called ‘Dildo Delights’, consisting of six big pictures of me in retro lingerie sporting one of my favourite strap-ons. Click here to view -
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Scrotal Inflation Scrotal inflation has now been added to my medical repertoire. A full single use sterile kit is provided for each patient. For more information about the scrotal infusion procedure itself, photos and prices. Click here -
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Relief in Sessions Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with my latest site updates. I have just added an illustrated Fetish Feature to my website called ‘Can you Cum?’
I often get emails asking me this very question or whether relief is included in sessions with my slaves. In this article the question is answered, along with my views and opinions on cumming and cock performance in general. Here’s the link -
Mistress Sarah Hoxton, London London Tour LONDON TOUR SUNDAY 10th & MONDAY 11th JANUARY @Hoxton_Ds bookings now been taken.
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Update from my Female Kingdom The latest addition to my website is a session snippet called ‘Slave in a Female Kingdom’. It gives details and photos of a scenario from a session with one of my many worshipful slaves. The session incorporates plenty of restrictive bondage and watersports using my toilet box, plus opportunity for me to show off some of my furniture items and bondage accessories in use.

The aim of my illustrated session snippets is to give you a flavour of how I engage with my slaves and play out your personal fantasies in my Preston playrooms. Click here to view -
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs New BDSM Story My latest site update is a BDSM story from my archives. It’s called ‘Under Control’ and tells the tale of a high maintenance slave who’s humiliated in session before receiving an ultimatum. Lots of pics and slideshow are included. Click here to read -
Miss Kaila International US Tour Tour Dates:


Toronto. 9/12-15, Distillery District.
Washington DC. 9/15-17, near the IAD airport.
Chicago. 9/17-19, Humboldt Park.
Los Angeles. 9/19-22.
San Francisco. 9/23-30, Duboce Triangle.


London. 10/1-8, Marylebone.
Las Vegas. 10/8-12. No sessions accepted.
New York City. 10/12-15.
Toronto. 10/15-17.
Washington DC. 10/15-19.
San Francisco. 10/19-22.
Scottsdale. 10/22-29.
Dallas. 10/29-11/3.
Miss Penelope of Sydney US Tour Tour Dates for the US Tour Inc, LA, ny, San Fran and Chicago Throughout September Miss Penelope Dreadful will be in the US on Tour. To book your session get in touch via email:
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Heavy Leather My latest site updates features one of my specialities - bondage. Photos of my leather sleepsack in use and a lot more info on my leather bondage in general is now available for you to view. Click here for the update -
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancs Office Update My latest site update is a photo set comprising eight sexy teasing pictures, showing me as The Office Boss in stockings ready to engage in some office roleplay and discipline. Click here to see the photos -
Mistress Maggie Preston,
Disappointing Slaves My latest site update features 'Hopeless and Useless' slaves. A hand picked selection of photos depicting the antics of disappointing slaves who have visited my chambers. Very tongue in cheek with captions to suit. Here’s the link -
Madame Luna Hampshire Live Sessions I have a couple of live, streamed sessions coming up on webcam over the next month. These have proved very popular with the voyeurs out there who love to watch what happens in a session from the moment a slave arrives right up until the point where he (or she) leaves. I find these sessions most entertaining as every so often I will ask those watching for ideas of what to do next and it is amusing to let them direct from afar on occasion!

These streamed sessions are always advertised in advance and can be viewed on DirectCam via Adultwork or pre-booked for viewing on Skype via My website
Mizz UV London Visit London Visit Mizz UV will be travelling to london on May 5th until May 7th 2015. For more information please visit her website here.
Madame Luna Hampshire Webcam
In the last couple of months I have limited My webcam sessions to a couple of hours a week. I am still available for such sessions but due to real-time sessions taking precedence these will need to either be booked in advance for Skype sessions or agreed in advance for DirectCam sessions via Adultwork.

One thing I have noticed recently is people 'demanding' that I verify Myself on cam before they choose to book a session; this will certainly not happen and anyone that feels they somehow have a right to demand such a thing is simply added to My timewaster/blocked list!
Mistress Maggie Preston, Lancashire New Comic Strip My latest site update is a comic strip story. McCane the police officer, a leather suited Mrs Peel and Miss Mountjoy the riding Mistress use their skill to catch, tie up and rehabilitate the local panty thief. All photos were taken in a realtime session with one of my regular 18+ slaves. Here’s the link to view it. ENJOY -
Geo Pinch Bristol Important blog article for you all. In “part 1” of my writing on the latest developments in the march towards UK internet censorship I implied that the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Children (NSPCC) was in reality a lobby group. Whether...... (Read more)
Madame Luna The New Forest Additional Location I shall be going on a location recce to a premises in the New Forest this month to see if it is suitable to hold sessions from. I am particularly interested in finding out whether it can provide enough possibilities for 'outside fun'. If it is discreet enough I shall enjoy leading a few puppies and ponies around in the grounds, as well as humiliating the more 'exhibitionist' slaves. Be warned though, you may like the idea of being tied to a tree and flogged, but will you enjoy it in reality?!
Madame Arella London Visit London Visit Ladies and Gentlemen. Mistress Arella has announced her Tour dates for London in May which can be found here.
Madame Luna Southampton, Uk Cuckold filiming Session. I have recently enjoyed a filmed session alongside My black Alpha slave and slutty sissy slave where I decided to allow My sissy his wish to taste black cock for the first time. I also thought it would be fun to make him fluff My Alpha's huge cock in preparation for a little cuckoldry humiliation. I stared directly into his eyes as I allowed My Alpha to pleasure Me, his expression was of someone that wanted that to desperately change positions with Me. One day I might let him experience what I did, who knows? However, so as not to let Alpha get carried away with his role of the 'bull' I decided to mix things up a little by forcing him to take My sissy in his mouth and make him cum. All in all a very enjoyable session for all involved! You can see the results in video and stills on My Adultwork profile as well as download the movies in HD from Clips4Sale via My website over the next few weeks.
Lady Fabula Canterbury, Kent Workshop Come meet me at La Boudoir Boutique at the grand opening of The Masters Room on Saturday 28th March
Mistress Maggie Preson, lancashire New photo Set 'Leopard Satin Scarf’ is the latest addition to my fetish photo sets. This set consists of six big pictures of me in a more casual latex ensemble, with the leopard neck scarf as a simple accessory. Click here to view it -
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My site is updated with pictures from a short sadistic session using Deep Heat rub. Click here to view it
Blog Update Mistress Andromeda, Norfolk based Dominatrix has released the first of many Blog entries in the form of her first story. It can be found here.
Newsletter Mistress Dawns Newletter for the New year is out, for more details, and to subscribe follow here link which can be found on this page.
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