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Once again I will be travelling overseas at
the end of the year. My last day for taking
sessions for 2014 will be Christmas Eve.
Now, what better way to see in Xmas than
a good seeing-to on the Eve?
I will be away for around six weeks, and will
be back in Bristol and ready to resume
normal activities in the second week of
February 2015.
Geo Pinch - Bristol
I have posted a Christmas photo-set called ‘The Rubber Christmas Tree’ on my website. Enjoy, and a Happy Christmas everyone. Click this link to view the photos -
Mistress Maggie
Mistress Arella - Prague
I will be visiting London in February (18th-21st).. be sure to visit the website and book early.
Mistress Maggie
My latest site update is aimed at breath play devotees. A feature on ‘The Gas Station’, my unique breath play apparatus is now available to view on my website.