Those specialising in Domestic Servitude.
Your Dominatrix - Domestic Servitude
I am an intelligent and articulate mistress who has been living the life for a number years now. I have a career that allows me plenty of time to indulge in my passion and fantasies for domination. As you will see from my pictures I prefer the severe school mistress look to the all leather look and this is what my domination is about.
Lady Dawn Cane
Delicia is an exotic mix of sweetness and vulgarity. A Professional Dominant Queen who's elegant style is a mixture of physical and mental DS&M, and fetish-centric creativity. With the wickedest whip, with the softest touch, but always with a feminine power, she welcomes you to find yourself in her Queendom. You want to be useful, needed, noticed, proven, chosen by an Ebony Queen? Then you and your tiny balls come calling WITH RESPECT. - Long Live the Queen.
Queen Delicia
Mistress Rage
Mistress Rage is known for her expert behavior modification techniques and in-depth training of lifestyle slaves. Her guidance is available to those submissives who seek knowledge, education, and experience in the BDSM lifestyle. Gain the experience necessary to appeal to a higher quality of Dominant Owner. Phone consultation, advice, training, and assignments are also available.
Mature and experienced Pro Domme living the lifestyle for 15 yrs. BDSM - D/s sessions can include bondage, caning, flogging, cock and ball torture, tie and tease, over the knee spanking, foot worship and much more. Novice and married subs / slaves welcome . No upper age barrier. Sessions are in a domestic environment in a quiet location A 43 / A5/ M1 jct15 area.
Mz Lucinda
Doctor Nin - Fetish Therapist: private counselling, correctional courses, behavioural therapy and sexual reprogramming. Doctor Nin has been away from the London SM scene for a while. She has been busy abroad completing Her internship in Human Resources management with a renowned multinational company, where She specialized in unfair dismissal and sanctioning. She is now back and available for private counselling, eager to deploy Her freshly acquired know-how amongst the white collar workforce.
Mistress Nin
True sadist, true to my roots as a disciplinarian, I exude superiority and preach the elegance of the dominant female. Males around me fall naturally subdued and I cherish their pain and humiliation. Here's your chance to warm your eyes to the presence of an all rounded, magnificent individual who will lead you by the leash to the gates of masochistic catharsis. Trust me with your secret fetish, and you'll be an enlightened submissive.
Eris Martinet
London and Bristol
Domestic Discipline and age-play in Stockholm.
Sophie Sinclair
Empress Elsa
New York, Western Upstate
I build a better man! I use sophisticated methods to train male submissives and domestic slaves. I greatly enjoy bondage and S&M. My website also includes phone session information, a member's-only area, free learning opportunities, and more!
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Free Listing
With an intimate knowledge of how the body processes pain, I provide expert discipline to those who need it.  I know what the implements you request feel like. I have participated in the scenarios you are looking for.
Ms C Laney
I'm a true, dangerous femme fatale in my early 20s. Domination is an enormous natural passion of Mine - I love being part of scenarios reminiscent of Surrealist art... It is such an incredibly liberating feeling! My aim is to make both of us achieve a wonderful state of catharsis where we can truly feel like ourselves. By using elements of My own meditation practice to aid relaxation, I seek to establish a unique and powerful psychological connection with My slaves and submissives, which some might want to describe as spiritual (although I'm not particularly fond of this label)
Bettie Von Sade