Those specialising in Foot and boot worship.
Domina Sara
I am a sensual and sadistic Dominatrix probably best known for my high level of skill with singletail whips & floggers, however, I take great pleasure in turning BDSM and fetish fantasy into reality with a complete novice, or an experienced extremist. Not just a professional, I am a lifestyle Domina of some 18 years experience, used to administering a wide variety of sensations from delicate right through to harsh, the perfect combination of control, sadism and sensuality. I love what I do and the journey that our time together brings, bringing you to me and capturing your mind, your thoughts, your body .... your essence, your being ...
I am a very superior, aristocratic, mature mistress with vacancies for new slaves who are prepared grovel at my elegant nylon clad extremely high heeled feet. I am an extremely decadent and ruthless mistress who is always in control.  Strict training and discipline is essential for weak, worthless slaves who cannot control their urges. On entering my chambers your mistress will take complete control over your mind and body. You have no mind of your own, I own you at all times.
Mistress Cara
SW London
Miss Jessica Wood
My name is Miss Jessica and I would like to invite you into my world.  I am a very strict and sometimes cruel woman who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment, facesitting, ballbusting, faceslapping, CBT, trampling, fantasy wrestling, foot worship, boot worship, shoe worship, bottom worship, nipple torture, tickle torture & strap-on worship. I enjoy humiliating subs and maid training too. To torment and inflict pain on my subs more efficiently I have an extensive wardrobe and I always dress in the appropriate attire, depending on the punishments. I am also renowned for my roleplay abilities. My sessions are held in a domestic location and I do sessions for men or women.
Mistress Heelena
I may be renowned as THE FOOT WORSHIP GODDESS/Mistress but be aware that I am currently recruiting masochists to satiate my sadistic tendencies, amongst others. Stating the obvious - I am young, attractive, sophisticated, seductive. And the not so obvious - I am also cruel when I feel the need; imaginative, demanding and unpredictable, sometimes approachable and down-to-earth.
Are you looking for the ultimate 'real' humiliation / femdom experience? Or to worship the feet of a truly beautiful, intelligent and charismatic girl in her twenties? Then look no further. Much has been written about me by the gentlemen who have visited ME - men who craved a true Humiliatrix, free from theatrics and fakery - a woman who is genuinely aroused by your submission. Featured in artwork by Sardax, numerous articles and shoots for some of UK's biggest selling mens' magazines. Area: London, Central London W1
Modern Empress
I am a seductive Domina who is elegant, discerning and strict. It brings Me great pleasure to lure you with My penetrating gaze then watch you go weak at the knees at the prospect of worshiping a truly exquisite Woman. I am petite and yet make no mistake, my presence is formidable. I specialise in mind control, interrogation and role play - the more twisted, the better. I also enjoy humiliating and degrading my lowly slaves and subjecting them to a gruelling punishment of corporal punishment. I am well versed and a session with me can be as sensual as tease & denial or foot worship or it can be harsh and cruel with my special cocktail of pain.
Lady Bellatrix
Internationally renowned lifestyle and Professional Domina. Huge range of fetish play catered for and happy to play with novices or seasoned players alike. NO sexual services
Mistress Absolute
Feet (bare, socked or stockinged), high heels, shoes, boots,trainers, shoe dangling and toe wiggling for all you foot fans out there. I adore foot and shoe/boot worship and will gladly give direction to those seeking to pamper my feet with a foot bath or rub in nice smelling oils.
Miss Kitty Bliss
Berks, Surrey, London
I am a tall, flame haired, beautiful, English Domina.  I am intelligent, educated, and elegant with a wicked disposition!  I excel in training my slaves to total submission - breaking their will, and moulding them to my exact specifications into creatures whose sole reason for being is to serve and amuse me. Whether I am feeling soft and sensual, or strict and severe; through instruction and enforcement, reward and punishment, my slaves reach ever deeper levels of servitude as they strive to meet my exacting standards.
Goddess Sophia
Your Dominatrix - Foot Worship
An elegant and inexorable red haired Mistress who's alternative and fiendish sense of fun will pervade every corner of your wildest imagination. "From a young age, I have always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led me to kinky games of power exchange and fetish-role play." Discrete and sound-proofed premises, Seasoned slaves and nervous novices welcome, Weird and wonderful desired
Miss Kitty
I am an intelligent and articulate mistress who has been living the life for a number years now. I have a career that allows me plenty of time to indulge in my passion and fantasies for domination. As you will see from my pictures I prefer the severe school mistress look to the all leather look and this is what my domination is about.
Lady Dawn Cane
Renowned for her beauty and sensual sadism, Divine Mistress Heather has a wealth of experience and passion to deal with your desires. Her particular interests are Roleplay, CBT, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Mind Control and Nipple Torture. Her natural air of authority means that she does not need to raise her voice in order for you to obey. Her soft tones may be soothing, but make no mistake - she can be incredibly cruel, both physically and mentally!
Divine Mistress Heather
London - SW19
Miss Kitty DeVil
Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix, based in brand new and extremely well-equipped Chambers in Glasgow City Centre. These discreet Chambers are situated extremely close to main Rail and Bus Routes, parking is also available nearby. Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix with many years experience in the BDSM field, she also plays a significant and active role in the local BDSM/Fetish scene.
Although Mistress Lola is a petite Pin-Up beauty, do not be deceived by Her diminutive stature and youthful looks- She promises to give you a session you will never forget..
Mistress Lola
London and Manchester
I spend my days in school and at work. My job is to explain insurance plans to old people. Contrary to what you're thinking, it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. School is exciting, minus the cadaver pictures-they're just gross, but I digress. Things like chivalry and manners mean a lot to me.  If you havenít mastered basic social etiquette, please donít contact me, we wonít get along, I promise.  If youíre still with me, why donít you take a moment and check out my blog.  I love meeting new people, and adding subs to my life.
Domme Angel
Palm Beach, FL
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Recomended Dominatrix for Foot and Boot Worship
An elegant and seductive London Mistress, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female dominance. For those of you who think you are worthy to serve and submit to Me, I offer sessions in North London..
Lady Sophia Black
I'm the original Mistress Chloe of London. I'm a professional Mistress; an old-school Domina with an impeccable reputation and over 15 years professional domination experience. I'm strict, demanding and a stickler for perfect D/s etiquette. I'm also warm, empathic and maternal, essential qualities for those in My profession.  I indulge in all kinds of BDSM sessions in Kent with females, couples, TV/TG/TS gurls and males, but I especially enjoy foot worship sessions and specialise in this fascinating fetish.  If you find a reputable, intelligent, classy and well-spoken Lady intriguing, then I am the perfect Dominant Goddess for you.
Mistress Chloe
Goddess Cleo
A foot fetishists dream, I'm convinced my pretty size 6 / size 39 feet are directly connected to my girly bits somehow.  I absolutely love to have my feet worshipped in many forms - bare feet, with or without nail polish, pantihose, stockings, shoes, sandals, boots, worship my feet and see for yourself... Whilst my feet don't usually smell, I can accommodate a smelly foot fetish if requested.
Goddess Cleo
Delicia is an exotic mix of sweetness and vulgarity. A Professional Dominant Queen who's elegant style is a mixture of physical and mental DS&M, and fetish-centric creativity. With the wickedest whip, with the softest touch, but always with a feminine power, she welcomes you to find yourself in her Queendom. You want to be useful, needed, noticed, proven, chosen by an Ebony Queen? Then you and your tiny balls come calling WITH RESPECT. - Long Live the Queen.
Queen Delicia
I have been described as a sophisticated and immaculate woman, who uses youthful charisma to seduce my slaves into undivided submissive states.
Mistress May
NE London
A controlling, sultry, sophisticated and smart 5 ft 8 blonde with an hour glass size 10 figure. I have curvaceous 32E breasts and sexy long legs. Intrigued by the thought of BDSM? Not captivated by the thought of pain. Why not let me gently introduce you to the world of female dominance... I find there's something naughty about exercising my control over a man and putting him in his place. I do not feel the need to inflict pain to reap my rewards. Why not email me with your fantasy and we can explore
Sweet and strict... Real-life domination by authoritarian, very feminine, french and english speaking, worldwide travelling aristocratic Lady ... to put you on your place, to discipline you, to play with your body and soul...
Eleonora Wales
Mistress Cherry
Ebbw Vale, South Wales
I am Miss.Cherry and I love to be on top, literally with a man beneath me either clothed facesitting him under my curvy butt or having him worship my feet. Iíve enjoyed the kinkier side of life for several years and love having control over men and sissy boys. In my stockinged feet I stand a statuesque 5í11Ē so in heels you really have no choice but to look up to me.
How does it make you feel when you see me? If it gives you an irresistible urge to suffer my temper and serve me at my feet, you are at the right place. You cannot even imagine what everything I am able to do to your poor body and soul with my merciless wicked naughty feet. Your place is at my feet and you know you need to be there. My legs, my shoes, my tender toes, this is Heaven on Earth for you. Take a look on my site to learn how to get there...
Anna Silk Legs
Iím a sensual Dominatrix, a bizarr-dominant fetishist and roleplay expert. Iím your personal Venus, a unique PrimaFetissima! Young and playful but consequent in my very own way. I create worlds with words, enjoy your devotion, your fetishism, your masochism. Versed in the techniques and authentic in my behavior am I the perfect companion for the extraordinary fantasies. Meet me in Hamburg at Studio M.Z.Labyrinth or book me as an Fetish-Escort.
Miss Leonie
You can visit me in my private studio, where you can relax, massage my feet, worship them and be comfortable with your fetish.  You do not need to be naked at all, I have many foot fetish clients that prefer to remain clothed and worship my tootsies!  As long as you are comfortable, thats all that matters.
Miss L
Iím a petite, svelte,intelligent, strong-willed, passionate and cosmopolitan woman. I'm of Asian & European descent in Washington DC. I enjoy being amused, even some giggles or laughs at the expense of the peons in my sessions. Having been involved in one form or another in the different aspects of the  bdsm scene I have amassed a variety of skills. This arsenal in my head plays with my subjects' mind and takes them through a wonderland of sorts. My proclivities are specific, my likes uncommon, my wants unusual & my attitude demanding. All willing supplicants may be allowed an audience if proper courtesy & simple common sense is shown. I am to be Adored. I require safe, sane and consensual play with clean , sober and respectfully obedient supplicants.
Lady Lilly
Washington DC
Petite, blonde Princess Fawn offers exclusive foot worship sessions! Enjoy My pedicured toes, baby-soft soles, and sexy size 7 feet! *kicking and trampling *face-smothering & slapping *forced shoe-cleaning and sniffing *gagging with spike heels *Princess spit *human furniture/objectification *discipline/punishment *verbal humiliation & roleplay *tease & denial *food crushing. Safe, discreet, LEGAL play only!
Princess Fawn
Los Angeles
Miss Xi
Exquisite beauty, real life fantasy. Chinese German Princess with petite size 4 feet. What is it you desire?
To lick My shoes, sublimely miniature feet and manicured toes, and to have Me wrap My stockings around your face? Or maybe to witness My perfect aim, as I spit in your mouth. Perhaps you're even into My favourite thing of all - a smooth kick in the balls. Or maybe not. But then again, you might find that you'll want to endure it anyway, just for Me.
Madame Catarina
There are many ways to serve a mistress and many ways in which a mistress can dominate her slaves.  Although a world renowned virtuoso with whips and canes Madame Catarina also enjoys many other scenarioís and practices. In addition to flagellation both severe and mild, Madame Catarina also delights in having her eager slaves grovel and humiliate themselves as they beg lick her boots or to be used as her living ashtray or human furniture. She also delights in restraints, suspension, CBT, foot worship & fetishism, pet play, interrogations, as well as playing lots of psychological and role play games all in light and moderate ways of course! Unless of course the slave wants to play harder...
Mistress Eva
Montreal, Canada
I am a passionate femdom Goddess ready to receive seasoned slaves or new pets that are curious about their pleasures. My thirst to explore unique experiences with submissives is intrinsic. I will bring you to your knees, at My feet, begging to do as I please. I am passionate about worship and loves to be served, being blessed with both beauty and kink, gorgeous long legs, and the alabaster feet of a princess. I have a gift for dominating and am always preying for a new slave to obey and submit to Me.
I am a beautiful, strong minded wee Scots Lass but donít be fooled by the fact that I am small, as they say dynamite comes in small packages. I will take control, intoxicate your mind and captivate your attention forever.
Mistress Flower of Scotland
Lincs, London, Middle East
No matter what your kink or fetish is, no matter what level you have played at, no matter if you are a pure masochist or a gentle sissy boy, no matter how buried or secret your desires are, Goddess Anastaxia will find them, she will use them, she will exploit them and she will exceed them.
Goddess Anastaxia
Mistress Flower of Scotland
Lincs / London
I am natural born dominatrix and leader. Passionate, with a powerful personality, my style of play is sensual, sophisticated, playful, erotic and intelligent. I call it Kinkology. Teasing is my speciality, as is denial. While I have many slaves who are into hardcore BDSM more often than not my sessions are not the typical whips & chains style encounter.
Kountess Von Kink
Brighton, London
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Free Listing
Elite Expert Professional Dominatrix, Bondager & Fetish Model. 15 years international experience. UK South West, M4 central Wiltshire. This is the first time I have returned home to operate in the UK in 10 years, during that time I have been mainly based in Rome, Italy where I am well known as one of the top Mistresses in the country. Now I have returned to the UK I am opening MY NEW STUDIO IN CHIPPENHAM, WILTSHIRE. This location allows me to remain close to my family, and at only 5 minutes from Junction 17 on the M4 it can be reached in no more than a 30 minute drive from Bristol, Swindon or Bath, or an hour from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Reading. The studio will be officially open by the end of July 2015. If you would like to session with me once my studio opens, you may already express your interest by email.
Domina Jemma
Bristol and Wiltshire
Don't let My captivating elegance and compassionate touch fool you - I delight in your sweet submission, whether I'm binding you with ropes or a softly spoken command. I believe in guiding individuals toward deeper expressions of their submissive selves through creative methods of domination and ruthlessly exacting discipline. Read My website fully to begin your journey toward finding meaning in service to Me.
Domina Crane
San Francisco
I offer professional sessions to submissive's be they male or female whom desire to push their limits and test their boundaries. If you beg for soft then soft is what you will enjoy if you desire harsh then trust Me I will bring you quivering to your knees. Have you the strength to go that one step further do you breath only in the hope of pleasing this GODDESS with your resolve. Come on lets turn up the heat just enough to bring you to over load. All sessions to be conducted within My private residence, West Midlands area.
Goddess Tease
Dudley, UK
I am a lifestyle Mistress with over 10 yearís experience. My style of Domination is strict but sensual. I have a deep passion for BDSM and love all areas of play from the mild to the extreme. I adore play with a novice and  more advanced alike. My Chamber is based in south Manchester, it is fully equipped and caters for all areas of play.
Mistress Nichol
Manchester, UK
The divine Aurea Amazon has taken up residence in Manhattan. Famed through North Europe and from international sessions also through Italy, Mumbai and California; now it is time for the subs of Manhattan to enjoy My succulent soles and taste My toes. I am also known as a highly skilled rigger and for scopious sensual CBT, including the Venus 2000 and extensive electrical equipment. Oh, and for My 6' 2" frame, size 10.5 feet and legs that go for miles. I am available 24/7 for advance bookings. I guarantee full privacy and anonymity in My Midtown space.
L'Aurea Amazon
New York
Young slim and seductive Mistress working in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. I am a versatile Mistress who enjoys a wide range of activities including but not limited to spanking, CP, CBT, humiliation, role play, anal play, sissification, foot and leg fetish...the list could go on. I hope to welcome you to my world very soon. 
Miss Kitty Kane
Sydney Jones is a natural born Dominant, who has been a Lifestyle BD/SM Fetishist for the better part of 20 years and decided to transition to the role of Professional Dominantrix about a year and a half ago. Sydney demands control of both the direction and severity of Her sessions, as She works only with those who desire nothing more than to submit to Her desires.With an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, She has the advantage of knowing how to use minimum physical effort to drive Her submissives to a state where pain and pleasure sublimate. Sydney loves to psychologically dominate Her submissives and finds great joy in deconstructing little boys with big egos.
Madam Sydney
San Diego
I understand that for many submissives, your slavery is therapeutic. In your servitude to Me, you will feel release from the constraints of your vanilla lifestyle. As your Mistress, I am both your trainer and your guide, as W/we delve together further into the dark arts of BDSM, Kink and Fetish.
Mistress Lola Ruin
I am the ONLY one who truly understands your desires. you NEED this. you NEED to serve, you NEED to be made to worship, be abused, to spend and spend. Why prolong the ULTIMATE pleasure of having a GODdess like Me.? Give into Me, I was BORN to RULE you.
Godess KVB
Fort Lauderdale
My passion is a play of contradictions: my erotic rituals, I playfully alternate tenderness with joyful sadism, pain and lust, power,vulnerability, dominance and devotion; with my undivided attention, physical and mental presence and authentic authority, I lead you into a world leaving no other alternative than your complete surrender......XoXo Serenity Book NOW! Deposit required
Serenity Smith
North Hollywood