Those specialising in Maid Training.
I'm the original Mistress Chloe of London. I'm a professional Mistress; an old-school Domina with an impeccable reputation and over 15 years professional domination experience.  I'm strict, demanding and a stickler for perfect D/s etiquette.  I'm also warm, empathic and maternal, essential qualities for those in My profession. 
I indulge in all kinds of BDSM sessions in Kent with females, couples, TV/TG/TS gurls and males, but I especially enjoy foot worship sessions and specialise in this fascinating fetish.  If you find a reputable, intelligent, classy and well-spoken Lady intriguing, then I am the perfect Dominant Goddess for you.
Mistress Chloe
Mistress Sultry Belle
I am equally sensual and sadidstic. I appreciate the gift of submission and I operate within the safe, sane and consensual realm. I offer sessions with or without a safe word as I am excellent at reading the reactions of a sub/bottom. I have been described as warm, charming and beautiful. I will let you the submissive decide these things for yourself. I am a  Mistress who receives repeat visits from the majority of subs that I see. I am totally immersed in the lifestyle and regularly visit clubs and munches here and further afield. I cater to  first timers and also to more seasoned players. I operate from my own private discreet premises in Glasgow city centre. There is plenty of free parking.
Mistress Argenta, exceptionally experienced Elite Mistress in Glasgow will have you on your kness with one glance of Her steel blue eyes. Specialising in many fetishes from sissy maid training to hardcore corporal punishhment, you will know you have met your Mistress!
Mistress Argenta - Glasgow
Come with me on your journey of self discovery and enlightenment whatever your needs, desires, fears and fantasies. Tantilisingly tasty, sensual, STRICT and cruel when necessary Pro Femdom for domination and sub training. I will provide you with guidance, nurturing and strict discipline... I have many varied interests and activities within the scene
Miss Kitty Bliss
Your Dominatrix - Maid Training
Domina V - London
I use my female supremacy to take control and overpower my slaves, you will learn discipline and obedience. I love to tease and tantalise you with my sexy body, very deviant kinky mind and sensual demeanor. I can be a sweet smiling playful seductive sadist or a very strict Governess depending on the scene requirements. My style of BDSM is very tailored to the individual session, after I have carried out a consultation with you either via email or phone once the deposit is paid if you desire to go straight into session or role-play when we meet. All genders are welcome.
Mistress Serenity
My approach is sensual, subtle, and commanding, a blend of strict control and sensual teasing. You will have no doubts as to who is in charge when you enter My world and kneel at My feet. I have the allure, elegance, and confident demeanour of a Goddess to be worshipped and obeyed.Whether you are a novice, an experienced slave, or an extremely seasoned player, after only a few moments of discussing your interests, I will know exactly how to deal with you and extract your adoration and devotion. Your experience with Me will be intense, amazing, and fulfilling, never to be forgotten. Sessions are conducted, experiences are created, and I pride Myself in leaving our interaction imprinted in your mind.
Mistress Georgia
I am the femme fatale of the north, I am the Infamous Mistress Athena.  I am an experienced Dominatrix with over 10 years play in bdsm. And also the Perverted Goddess to the sissy/slut whores. I am well known in all parts of the country,and played from the best chambers.
I have my own personal chambers in Huddersfield, BUT I also have the use of the best Chambers in Leeds.
I have a very twisted mind, but the face of an angel.
I also play in London
Mistress Athena
I am a Strict and stern Mistress, I love training naughty boys with the help of a cane crop or whip to worship me, maybe dress them up in frilly panties, or have them lick my shoes, before I bend them over and discipline them. I love playing the role of a strict headmistress, or your domineering wife, either way you will leave me with a red and sore bottom.
DOMINA V is a Professional Australian Dominatrix & has been living in London since 2008. She is highly skilled, experienced & brings her own genuine creativity to your visit. Private,discreet & fully equipped chambers.
Contact Domina V on 07597 559 614. Monday to Friday
(Don't forget to mention when calling)

I am Mistress IQ; an intelligent, well educated, classy lady with a wicked sense of humour and an even more wicked approach to domination! I am a true professional, and have an intense passion for what I do. I began to flourish in the BDSM lifestyle 10 years ago, and this, along with 3 years’ experience as a Professional Dominatrix, ensures you can have 100% confidence in my abilities.
Mistress IQ
North Yorkshire
Miss Kitty DeVil
Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix, based in brand new and extremely well-equipped Chambers in Glasgow City Centre. These discreet Chambers are situated extremely close to main Rail and Bus Routes, parking is also available nearby. Miss Kitty DeVil is a Professional Dominatrix with many years experience in the BDSM field, she also plays a significant and active role in the local BDSM/Fetish scene
A sensual Caribbean Domme, I was born in charge. Always the alpha female, it was a simple transition to BDSM. I follow no rules but my own, obey no authority save mine. I live BDSM 24/7. I love all forms of corporal punishment and use punishers from crops, canes, whips, paddles, floggers to my bare hands. I have so many tricks up my bag, I couldn't possibly list a third of it here. Within a few moments of meeting me, you will be secure in the knowledge that you've made the right choice. Seeking to satisfy an unrelenting urges, you have come to my doors.
Mistress Zahara LaFleur
Los Angeles, CA
I suppose this is the spot where I'm supposed to type some really interesting and exciting things about myself. It's the place where I get to wow you with my amazing verbal skills, impress you with my stunning good looks, and still somehow manage to come across as well-grounded and humble. ;P. Well, I'll start with the basics. I spend my days in school and at work. My job is to explain insurance plans to old people. Contrary to what you're thinking, it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. School is exciting, minus the cadaver pictures-they're just gross, but I digress. Things like chivalry and manners mean a lot to me. 
Domme Angel - Palm Beach, FL
I am Mistress Ava Von Medisin,Norfolk's most exquisitely curvaceous disciplinarian,Fem-Dom and Fetish therapist. I am highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of consensual B.D.S.M and Fetishistic fantasy. Enter my domain to discover the ultimate in female supremacy.
Mistress Ava Von medisin -
Cecilla Prim
Mistress Carmina Titania is a seductive and sadistic trans-dominatrix in Providence, Rhode Island. Operating out of a fully equipped, discrete dungeon, she will encase you in latex, punish you for your sins, and get inside your head like no other. Whether she is using hypnosis or intense sensory deprivation, you will experience a mind fuck like no other while in her presence.
Mistress Carmina Titania
Rhode Island
My name is Lady Sasha Dominar! Im a sweet evil sadistic Dominant Goddess. I can be very caring and comforting towards your needs, seducing you slowly into my vicious web where ill have you whimpering at my every command, begging to please me and doing whatever I command without question
Lady Sasha Dominar
Recommended Dominatrix for Maid Training
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Advertise here for just £40 / year
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Advertise here for just £40 / year
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I am natural born dominatrix and leader. Passionate, with a powerful personality, my style of play is sensual, sophisticated, playful, erotic and intelligent. I call it Kinkology. Teasing is my speciality, as is denial. While I have many slaves who are into hardcore BDSM more often than not my sessions are not the typical whips & chains style encounter.
Kountess Von Kink
Brighton, London
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Let me introduce myself, my name is Mistress Lady Penelope. I have a Head Maid, Madam FiFi and an Understudy Maid, Sissy Barbie. I conduct myself professionally and to a very high standard of etiquette. I do NOT provide any sexual services of any shape or form, the same applies to my Maids. I expect all who approach me to do so respectfully. I specialise in Domination and humiliation in my heated fully equipped underground dungeon with Fetters escape proof bondage chair, electrics and all manner of restraints,sensory deprivation hoods and masks. Corporal Punishment, French Maid and Sissy Maid Training and Prissy Sissy Doll Training.
Lady Penelope
SE England