Those specialising in Humiliation.
Experience full-spectrum domination from an expert lifestyle Mistress. My expertise encompasses rope bondage, discipline, CBT, electrics, cross-dressing and very imaginative humiliation! My superbly-equipped and discreet chambers are the perfect playspace for the enaction of your submissive fantasies whilst at the mercy of a true Mistress.
Mistress Tiffany
I am a very superior, aristocratic, mature mistress with vacancies for new slaves who are prepared grovel at my elegant nylon clad extremely high heeled feet. I am an extremely decadent and ruthless mistress who is always in control.  Strict training and discipline is essential for weak, worthless slaves who cannot control their urges. On entering my chambers your mistress will take complete control over your mind and body. You have no mind of your own, I own you at all times.
Mistress Cara
SW London
Are you looking for the ultimate 'real' humiliation / femdom experience? Or to worship the feet of a truly beautiful, intelligent and charismatic girl in her twenties? Then look no further. Much has been written about me by the gentlemen who have visited ME - men who craved a true Humiliatrix, free from theatrics and fakery - a woman who is genuinely aroused by your submission. Featured in artwork by Sardax, numerous articles and shoots for some of UK's biggest selling mens' magazines.
Modern Empress
Your Dominatrix - Humiliation
Mistress R'eal

Based in Central Cardiff , with  10 years of experience as a professional Mistress. Show Me a naked man , I'll show you Domination to the highest degree. I crush mentally and physically..... no male is safe!. I already have a huge amount of slaves in My stable , are you ready to join them ?
Mistress Olivia Fitzgerald
Central London
With over 16 years of lifestyle experience, Mistress Ayn is the consummate Dominatrix.  She is educated, well traveled and Her tastes lean toward the refined and jaded.  Dripping with elegance and sophistication, She will make you feel that your natural place is at Her feet and at Her service. The glint in Her eye and the lilt of Her laughter lets you know She is enjoying your torment. The softness of Her voice beckons you to accept your fate. Her scent is intoxicating and, many say, addictive.  Enter Her presence at your own risk. Mistress Ayn is well respected and positively reviewed in all the usual sites and forums.
Mistress Ayn - Atlanta GA
My approach is sensual, subtle, and commanding, a blend of strict control and sensual teasing. You will have no doubts as to who is in charge when you enter My world and kneel at My feet. I have the allure, elegance, and confident demeanour of a Goddess to be worshipped and obeyed. Whether you are a novice, an experienced slave, or an extremely seasoned player, after only a few moments of discussing your interests, I will know exactly how to deal with you and extract your adoration and devotion. Your experience with Me will be intense, amazing, and fulfilling, never to be forgotten. Sessions are conducted, experiences are created, and I pride Myself in leaving our interaction imprinted in your mind.
Mistress Georgia
We are two dominas with beauty and experience in equal measure, who enjoy conducting sessions with the most willing and worthy slaves. One of the youngest, most stunning dommes alongside one of the sexiest shemale dommes on the fetish scene, together we offer a truly unique experience.We offer slaves the opportunity to join us for a session which revolves around strict domination, or alternatively one that is based on scenarios and roleplay. With our vivid imaginations we cater for the novice to the more extreme sub, and create sessions that push the slave beyond their limits, dreams and ultimate fantasies
Dominatrix Duo
London W1
Like all girls, I am made of sugar and spice--but not necessarily all that is nice. I am a lovely 5'6" Eurasian beauty with a sadistic soul hidden beneath my sweet disposition. Highly intelligent, well-spoken, and captivating, I will disarm even the most "alpha" of males. My approach may be subtle, but I assure you, I will have you begging for mercy in no time. I derive great pleasure from overpowering you--mind, body, and soul--watching your body writhe with my every touch. In addition, I indulge in various fetishes; there is nothing more enticing than the taboo. I will push your boundaries and offer you the ultimate BDSM/fetish experience.
Amber Le Fay
New York NY
I am an intelligent and articulate mistress who has been living the life for a number years now. I have a career that allows me plenty of time to indulge in my passion and fantasies for domination. As you will see from my pictures I prefer the severe school mistress look to the all leather look and this is what my domination is about.
Lady Dawn Cane
Mistress Electra
Londond and Midlands
UK glamour model and pro dominant available for sessions in london and midlands
Be hypnotized by my eyes and fall under the spell. Know what it's like to be helpless and LOVE IT. You will never stop thinking of me. I will be your reason to exist... Novices welcome.
Goddess Eve Eternal - TX
Renowned for her beauty and sensual sadism, Divine Mistress Heather has a wealth of experience and passion to deal with your desires. Her particular interests are Roleplay, CBT, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Mind Control and Nipple Torture. Her natural air of authority means that she does not need to raise her voice in order for you to obey. Her soft tones may be soothing, but make no mistake - she can be incredibly cruel, both physically and mentally!
Divine Mistress Heather
London - SW19
Welcome to my world slave. Be ready to prostrate yourself before me, and submit yourself to my will. Let there be no mistake, you will submit to me. I will teach you the meaning of submission, and penetrate you to the depths of your soul. There is no part of you that will not be mine; for my stern attention, castigation or humiliation.
Mistress Annalise
A sensual Caribbean Domme, I was born in charge. Always the alpha female, it was a simple transition to BDSM. I follow no rules but my own, obey no authority save mine. I live BDSM 24/7. I love all forms of corporal punishment and use punishers from crops, canes, whips, paddles, floggers to my bare hands. I have so many tricks up my bag, I couldn't possibly list a third of it here. Within a few moments of meeting me, you will be secure in the knowledge that you've made the right choice. Seeking to satisfy an unrelenting urges, you have come to my doors.
Mistress Zahara LaFleur
Los Angeles, CA
An elegant and seductive London Mistress, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female dominance. For those of you who think you are worthy to serve and submit to Me, I offer sessions in North London..
Lady Sophia Black
I have been described as a sophisticated and immaculate woman, who uses youthful charisma to seduce my slaves into undivided submissive states.
Mistress May
NE London
I am an experienced lifestyle/pro dominant. I have my own fully equipped, completely private chambers with showers and private parking. I enjoy a schoolroom, dungeon and domestic setting and have a full range of implements.
Megara Furie
Glasgow and Londdon
Sweet and strict... Real-life domination by authoritarian, very feminine, french and english speaking, worldwide travelling aristocratic Lady ... to put you on your place, to discipline you, to play with your body and soul...
Eleonora Wales
Experienced, Sensual, Erotic, Ebony Pro-dom, practiced and well versed in BDSM and fetish play.
Goddess Rachel
Fort Laurdedale
I am London's most exclusive Domme. I am a International Dominant Courtesan to the elite specialising in Female-Led Relationships and travel regularly around the globe to indulge my suitors with my presence.
Mistress Rage
Mistress Rage is known for her expert behavior modification techniques and in-depth training of lifestyle slaves. Her guidance is available to those submissives who seek knowledge, education, and experience in the BDSM lifestyle. Gain the experience necessary to appeal to a higher quality of Dominant Owner. Phone consultation, advice, training, and assignments are also available.
Recommended Dominatrix for Humiliation
Advertise here for just £40 / year
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Advertise here for just £40 / year
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Advertise here for just £40 / year
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Mature and experienced Pro Domme living the lifestyle for 15 yrs. BDSM - D/s sessions can include bondage, caning, flogging, cock and ball torture, tie and tease, over the knee spanking, foot worship and much more. Novice and married subs / slaves welcome . No upper age barrier. Sessions are in a domestic environment in a quiet location A 43 / A5/ M1 jct15 area.
Mz Lucinda
Strict, sensuous and passionate about pain, welcome to my world. I’m a young, professional Domina who delights in CP, edge play and humiliation. Through CP, needles, bondage or electrical play my willing submissives have discovered the firmness not only of my hand, but also the rasp of my tongue and the rigour of my protocols. I live the lifestyle as well as delivering a professional experience. My submissives leave our sessions smiling and satisfied. Their backsides sore, their heads spinning and their darkest fantasies fulfilled.
Mizz ULtra Violet
True sadist, true to my roots as a disciplinarian, I exude superiority and preach the elegance of the dominant female. Males around me fall naturally subdued and I cherish their pain and humiliation. Here's your chance to warm your eyes to the presence of an all rounded, magnificent individual who will lead you by the leash to the gates of masochistic catharsis. Trust me with your secret fetish, and you'll be an enlightened submissive
Eris Martinet
London and Bristol
I am the Greedy Goddess Summer-Jane. I am a spoilt Princess, A mean Mistress and a Gorgeous Goddess, all rolled into one, unstoppable femdomme force. Serving me, is to discover your life purpose slave. Visit my fetish QueenDom.
Goddess Summer Jane
“The most powerful sexual organ is the brain” Well that is true, and it is also good news for you slave. Let me introduce myself, and please pay attention, as you may regret not doing so………. It has been said that I ooze style, confidence, class, sassiness, and dangerous raw sexuality……, who am I to argue ? But that is only half the story, I am an expert in f*cking with your pathetic little dirty mind. Session with me, and you will NEVER forget it. I will have you under my spell well before it even registers in your brain. Or your dick.
Mistress Jadee
An attractive and sophisticated Mistress with a firm  slim body. I enjoy seeing my gentlemen beg for mercy as he succumbs to my pleasure. My role of a Mistress explores all sides of my dominance. And I am always open for experiments. I enjoy dressing up in sexy, feminine, but strict outfits and of course role playing. I work from  fully equipped West Midlands chambers, which are close to motorway links. I can also offer Double-Domme sessions with an equally stunning Mistress at excellent rates.
Lady Lucea
Domina Visuki is a beautifully alternative, very strict, experienced and severe Dominatrix from HELL and Whip Specialist; I am a Natural Born Sadist, a musician and an artist as well as a Lifestyle/Pro-Domme. The Alternative World is MY World, and with My dark piercing eyes, raven black hair, My intimidating piercings and inked athletic body, My firm voice and extremely charismatic presence I can show you how to obey, respect and truly surrender to a Supreme Female Figure. Are you ready to take a walk on the REAL wild side..? Are you ready to serve, worship, surrender to and suffer for Domina Visuki? Then visit Me in My fully equipped Private Play Space...provided I deem you worthy of it.
Domina Visuki
North London
Mistress D'Vine is a luxury lifestyle dominatrix, Standing at five foot ten in just stockings, she is of super model proportions, and makes men look like measly worms in comparison. Glossy dark hair, ivory skin and bewitching hazel eyes- she really is a sight to behold, if you're lucky enough. Her love of all things luxurious is rivalled only by her love of inflicting pain on her subs.
Mistress D'Vine
Miss Xi
Exquisite beauty, real life fantasy. Chinese German Princess with petite size 4 feet. What is it you desire?
To lick My shoes, sublimely miniature feet and manicured toes, and to have Me wrap My stockings around your face? Or maybe to witness My perfect aim, as I spit in your mouth. Perhaps you're even into My favourite thing of all - a smooth kick in the balls. Or maybe not. But then again, you might find that you'll want to endure it anyway, just for Me
Double Domme Destruction is the bringing together of two of the hottest and naughtiest dommes around. Two dommes to blow your mind. We are two great friends and pro dommes who love to play together. We offer amazing sessions, where we bounce of each other, which means you end up with a great session experience. From double teasing, to double flogging. We love dressing up and have a huge selection of clothes and equipment. Between us there is not much we don't enjoy and offer. We can also bring in a male to offer cuckolding and forced bi.
Double Domme Destruction
I am a sexy and sultry Fetish Entertainment Professional that believes in the creativity and freedom that the fetish lifestyle has to offer. I love to express Myself through the world of kink and share My experiences with others.
Miss Dahlia Dolce
An English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent.  Skilled, powerful and always in control, combined with a playful nature that makes each session truly unique.  My CBT and ballbusting will bring you to your knees, while I delight in your pain. I am naturally dominant and will humiliate you with ease.  Feminisation and forced Bi are favourite pastimes of Mine and I might even let you worship My feet if you are lucky.  I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality.  Be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.
Lady Godiva
London, SE, Kent
Look no further...your kinky dreams have come true! Devilishly deviant and dominatingly delightful, Mistress Roxy Jezel truly enjoys tormenting, teasing and abusing all of you inferior male slaves. An exotic Asian and European mix, Her tantalizing authentic British accent will have you respecting Her authority. You will serve Her for Her pleasure, but leave craving for more more more!
Mistress Roxy Jezel
Austin, TX
Mistress Mystique
New york
I am a strict mistress with a sensual side who has been in the lifestyle for over 6 years. My interests vary in perversity but, remain true to domination.
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Free Listing
I specialize in CBT/Trampling/
Financial Domination/Cuckholding /CEI/Hypnosis/Foot Fetish/Shopping/Humiliation/
Strap on Play/ SPH/Mental Domination/Mind Fuck/Spanking/Flogging/Ball-Busting/Forced Bi
Mistress Bianca
Boston. MA
Deep dark fetish fantasies keeping you awake at night?  Aching to try something new?  Gorgeous, fetish film star and published fetish model is available for role play, light bondage, foot/leg/body worship, clothing fetishes (boot, pvc, stocking, lace), spankings and other punishment, and humiliation.  Lighter sessions accepted.
Lady G
I am Mistress Adrienne of NYC with travels world wide. Known for my elegant dominance, fetish wardrobe, and passion for role reversal. Strict disciplinarian with playful fantasies.
Mistress Adrienne
An English Rose public schoolgirl with a taste for the complete humiliation of submissive men. Mistress Nina adores tie & tease, strap on, CP, CBT, ball busting, fantasy roleplay, electrics and making your darkest submissive fantasies real. A versatile young dominatrix who adores playing with sissy sluts and naughty boys in her 5 chambered fully equipped city centre dungeon.
School Girl Mistress
Princess Jessika. Sweet and Sadistic Princess made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Of course, I enjoy being a Princess, wearing pigtails and parading about, having fun and teasing slaves and subs for my amusement. Don’t be fooled, I am a true sadist with a wealth of experience in the arts of domination.  I enjoy the power I have over those lucky enough to spend time on their knees in front of me. I enjoy seeing you grovel at my feet. I get pleasure from hearing your screams, feeling your body wriggle as my cane bites into your vulnerable flesh.
Princess Jessika
I am Bernadine, your Lady to worship. Mainly looking for new paypigs, but I also offers online sessions and online training. I am demanding and love humilate my little subs. I am also openminded of most fetishes.
Lady Bernadine
Online only
Sydney Jones is a natural born Dominant, who has been a Lifestyle BD/SM Fetishist for the better part of 20 years and decided to transition to the role of Professional Dominantrix about a year and a half ago. Sydney demands control of both the direction and severity of Her sessions, as She works only with those who desire nothing more than to submit to Her desires.With an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, She has the advantage of knowing how to use minimum physical effort to drive Her submissives to a state where pain and pleasure sublimate. Sydney loves to psychologically dominate Her submissives and finds great joy in deconstructing little boys with big egos.
Madam Sydney
San Diego
THE Perfect. FemDom. Goddess. Mixtrix is a Lifestyle FemDomme, Online Dominatrix, and RealTime Sessions Domme. She is an Owner of minds and egos, ready to objectify and stupidify willing dicks and the penises attached to them. No need to be a pussy, get in line and be ready to be of use...